Sister City: Sligo, Ireland

The Friends of Sligo Ireland Sponsor Irish Related Events

The Tallahassee/Sligo Ireland Sister City Program is coordinated by the Friends of Sligo, Ireland (FOS), a component of the Tallahassee Irish Society (TIS), and is dedicated to fostering and facilitating a cultural, and civic relationship between the two communities. More specifically, TIS, through the FOS, is committed to planning, promoting, and administering cultural, educational, social and athletic exchanges and programs between these two communities. To this end, it maintains an ongoing liaison with the Sister City coordinator in Sligo, Ireland. Additionally, members offer travel planning and touring information to local area people wishing to visit Ireland, specifically Sligo and the northwest of Ireland. The focus of the program is on the interpersonal and cultural interaction among private citizens of differing backgrounds. And, in a broader sense, it supports and encourages interest in all things Irish that may be occurring in the Tallahassee area. In keeping with the intent and purpose of TIS, political activity, endorsement or censure, is considered contrary and not permitted.

Our lasting friendship with Sligo dates back to the late 80′s and early 90′s. By 1995, then Mayor Scott Maddox, traveled to Sligo to sign the sister city agreement in Sligo City Hall. TIS members take pride in their program as the longest continuous sister-city program in Tallahassee.

Sligo is located at the mouth of the Garavogue River on the northwest coast of Ireland. The largest town in the northwest, it has served for centuries as a gateway between the ancient provinces of Ulster and Connaught. The friendly people of Sligo have diverse interests in culture, government, commerce and sports. They have a wonderful sense of humanity and demonstrate superb hospitality and a magnificent pride of place. In addition to Tallahassee, Sligo is twinned with Crozon, France and Kempton, Germany.

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